(SER-GA-152) North Georgia Composite Squadron
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152nd Members

Senior Member applications, please follow the below instructions.

  1. Download the application - It's a PDF fillable form.

  2. Fill out all the fields.

  3. Save the completed forms and email them to ken.stanger@gawg.cap.gov

  4. You should have been given a fingerprint card to take to your local police station or Sherriff office where they will fingerprint you and hand the card back.  This card must be mailed along with your application. 

  5. When you receive the forms back from the Squadron Commander, print them out, and mail them to the below address with a check for the appropriate amount. (Senior Members $60.00)


105 S. Hansell St. Bldg 714

Maxwell AFB, AL 36112


Expedited Mail 

FedEx and UPS are both delivered directly to the National Headquarters building.   Priority Mail from the United States Postal Service may be delayed several days while it is routed through the Air Force base mail system.  

When your application is received at National Headquarters, it is date stamped and processed in order by the date it arrived.  You will receive an automated welcome email when the membership is processed. 

A set of instructions on how to setup your eservices credentials will come with your CAPID.  Once you've completed the setup in eservices, click on the NEW Senior Members link to the left of this page.


Cadet Member applications.  This process is now an online application.  Please click on the link and fill out the Cadet Online Application.  Before submitting, please print each page after filling it in and before clicking the continue button.  Bring the printed pages with you to the next meeting and hand over to the Squadron Commander.

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