(SER-GA-152) North Georgia Composite Squadron
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NEW Senior Members

Welcome to Civil Air Patrol!  You have just joined one of the most prestigious volunteer organizations in the country, offering nearly limitless possibilities and opportunities.

NEW MEMBERS:As a new member in the Civil Air Patrol, the first thing you should do is meet with your PDO/ETO and Commander to lay out a plan of action for your career in CAP. Your next task is to complete the Level I: Onboarding modules. In the Onboarding modules, you will gain a breadth of knowledge that will serve you well as you begin your journey. Your PDO/ETO will be your mentor as you proceed through the modules. Onboarding is located within eServices under CAP’s online learning management system AXIS. If you have a question, don't hesitate to contact your PDO/ETO or commander.

A good video on YouTube describes the Cadet Protection Program that I recommend you watch to help understand this program and what it means to you as a Senior Member.  Click this link Cadet Protection Program

Senior First Steps

  • Login into E-Services to start your training:

    • ​Complete Opsec Training

    • Complete Level 1 Professional Development Training (Including Cadet Protection)

    • Add a picture (Head Shot) to your account profile

  • Acquire appropriate uniform(s)

Senior Next Steps

  • Select available from squadron duties, professional development tracks, and ask for a mentor.

  • ​Apply for your CAP Drivers License (See Transportation Officer)

  • Take General Emergency Services (GES) Qualification

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