(SER-GA-152) North Georgia Composite Squadron
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Cadet Programs

  • Attracts over 26,000 members ages 12 through 20 for participation in its cadet programs.

  • Educates youth in four main program areas — leadership, aerospace, fitness and character development.

  • Enriches school curricula through after-school programs.

  • Offers orientation flights in powered and glider aircraft, as well as flight training scholarships.

  • Provides activities and competitions for cadets at the local, state, regional and national levels.

  • Makes opportunities for community involvement available through color guard/drill team and emergency service missions.

  • Challenges youth to be ambassadors for a drug-free lifestyle.

  • CAP cadets make up about 10 percent of each U.S. Air Force Academy class.

  • Cadets who have earned the Gen. Billy Mitchell Award enlist in the Air Force, U.S. Army and U.S. Coast Guard at a higher pay grade.

  • Participates in the International Air Cadet Exchange program.

  • Awards college scholarships in several disciplines.

Learning to Fly

An Opportunity to Lead

Active Lifestyle

Here, a cadet flies in one of CAP’s 50 gliders, located at squadrons throughout the U.S. These orientation flights, or “O rides,” introduce thousands of youth to flight, playing a vital role in the future of American civilian and military aviation. CAP’s cadet program offers more than 1,500 of its members in-depth leadership training through National Cadet Special Activities like Cadet Officer School and the Civic Leadership Academy. The training cadets receive at these week long activities, which often includes STEM-based initiatives like the one seen here, enable them to become leaders in their home Physical fitness and well-being is the primary goal of CAP’s Active Cadet Fitness initiative, which is aligned with the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. Through the program, cadets like those seen here attending their wing encampment Na are motivated to develop a lifelong habit of regular activity


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