(SER-GA-152) North Georgia Composite Squadron
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FEMA Training

Emergency Training

  • Conducts 90 percent of inland search and rescue in the U.S. as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center and other agencies.

  • Coordinates Air Force-assigned missions through CAP National Operations Center at Maxwell AFB, Ala., at a cost of $120-$165 per flying hour

  • Has more than 6,850 aircrew members and nearly 35,000 emergency responders trained to FEMA standards.

  • Provides over 450 chaplains to assist during crises to help comfort survivors, render support and aid victims of disaster.

  • Performs aerial reconnaissance for homeland security.

  • Provides air intercept training, impact assessment, light transport, communications support and low-level route surveys for the Air Force.

  • Provides disaster-relief photography and support to local,state and national agencies.

  • Transports time-sensitive medical materials, blood products and body tissues when commercial resources are unavailable.

  • Assists federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in the War on Drugs.

  • Maintains an extensive VHF and HF communications network.

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