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Civil Air Patrol is congressionally chartered and operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. CAP performs services for the federal government as the official civilian auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force and performs other missions as a nonprofit organization. CAP is made up of eight geographic regions consisting of 52 wings (the 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia). It is a strategic partner of the Air Force, serving as a member of its Total Force. CAP has three primary missions — Emergency Services, Cadet Programs and Aerospace Education.

Our Mission: Supporting America’s communities with emergency response, diverse aviation and ground services, youth development, and promotion of air, space and cyber power.


  • 158 Saved a modern-day high of 158 lives and recorded 712 “finds” through Air Force-assigned search and rescue efforts in fiscal year 2018, thanks in large part to the assistance of CAP’s Cell Phone Forensics and National Radar Analysis teams.
  • 560 Operates one of the largest fleets of single-engine piston aircraft in the world, with 560 planes.
  • 35,000+ Flew a record 35,316 orientation flights with CAP cadets, as well as Air Force ROTC and Junior ROTC cadets.
  • 61,066 Consists of 1,422 squadrons and more than 61,000 volunteer youth and adult members nationwide.
  • 89,773 Flew nearly 90,000 hours in 2018, nearing or surpassing that CAP flying mark for the fourth straight year.
  • 700,000+ Has impacted more than 700,000 youth over the past six years through CAP’s STEM Kit program.
  • $2.4 Million Using $2.4 million from the Air Force to provide CAP cadet training aimed at helping reduce the nation’s pilot shortage.
  • $187 Million+ Contributed $187,202,536 in man-hours in past year, serving the emergency services, youth development and aerospace education/STEM needs of communities, states and the nation
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